Three Ways An Event Planning Company Can Help You Plan The Perfect Sweet 16 Party For Your Daughter

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A sweet 16 party is something that many girls dream of. They want to be able to have all attention on them and for everything to go off without a hitch. If you need to plan a sweet 16 party in the near future, considering hiring an event planning company to help make the planning a bit easier for you. The guide that follows walks you through a few ways the planning company can help ensure your daughter’s party runs as smoothly as it possibly can. Find the Perfect Venue The first thing that needs to be done is that the perfect venue needs to be located. Your event planner needs to know how many people you plan to invite to the party to ensure that they are able to find a space that is large enough to accommodate everyone. Also, specifying the area where you want the venue to be located is important to ensure that it is not located too far from everyone. Ensure Perfect Décor The event planner will take care of all of the decorating for your family. You need to let him or her know what your daughter wants for her party though. They will show you ideas that they have for decorations and get you and your daughter to approve all decisions before choosing the exact decorations that will be set up in the venue. Find the Perfect Caterer You need to let the planner know what types of foods your daughter enjoys eating. Since it is a party to celebrate her birthday, you need to be sure that there will be plenty of food that she enjoys eating. Don’t forget to cater to other taste buds, too. You want to be sure to have a variety of dishes available for everyone to try so that no one feels left out or is not able to eat at the party due to dietary restrictions. The event planner can also help you to consider ways to make the party truly unique. Interesting underwater pictures, small animals, or even celebrity impersonators can be great ways to make a party unique. You and your daughter can focus on finding her a dress and making sure she feels as beautiful as she possibly can on her big day. Be sure to start planning the party a few months in advance to ensure the event planning company has time to make all of the necessary...

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Learn How To Buy Great Tickets To A Professional Football Game

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Going to see a professional football game in person can be a great experience. Being able to celebrate touchdowns with other fans and hear the roar of the crowd can make the game even more enjoyable. If you are interested in buying tickets to a professional football game in the near future, use the guide that follows to ensure that you choose the right seats for you. Consider the Layout of the Sections The first thing you need to do is consider the layout of the stadium. Some stadiums have the sections that are closest to the field laid out in even rows. This means that when you are sitting behind someone that is taller than you, you will not be able to see what is going on unless you stand up. Typically, it is best to start with seats that are in the second section closest to the field and the sections above that because they are situated as stadium seating so that each row is lower than the row behind it to ensure that everyone can see clearly. Consider the Sides of the Field When you go to a football game, one side of the field is designated for the home team and one is designated for the visiting team. Be sure to choose the side of the field that is designated for your team so that you can sit behind their bench. Consider the Location of the Seats You need to consider where the seats you want are situated in the row. If you choose an aisle seat, you will need to get up to let others out of the row from time to time. If you are situated in the center of the row, you will need to have everyone move whenever you want to get out of the row. Consider which option is less of a hassle to you before buying your seats to ensure that you will be happy with them after you make the purchase. Once you have considered all of these things, you should be able to narrow down the selection of seats that are available to find the right seats for you. Some tickets can now be downloaded to your phone, while others need to be printed. Read the fine print on the tickets carefully to be sure that you either print them or have them downloaded before going to the game so that you can ensure you can easily get into the stadium....

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Two Tips For Preventing Drunk Driving At Your Corporate Event

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Approximately 1.1 million people were arrested for intoxicated driving in 2014, according to MADD.  Not only does drunk driving put people at a higher risk of getting into an accident while on the road, you could be held partially responsible for accidents involving intoxicated employees if you serve alcohol at your corporate event. If you’re keen on serving drinks at your business event, here are two tips for minimizing the risk employees will get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence. Limit the Number of Drinks Per Person One way to keep employees from over-consuming alcoholic drinks is to limit the number they can get. This can be done using drink coupons that must be turned into the bartender whenever the person orders an alcoholic beverage. According to MADD, the average person metabolizes one drink per hour. Therefore, tying the number of drinks a person can get to the number of hours the event is supposed to last can help prevent intoxication. For instance, if the party is scheduled to last two hours, then each person would only get two drink coupons. Of course this isn’t a fool-proof option. Some people may drink their two drinks sooner than expected and leave the party early. Others may acquire more drink coupons from other employees (you can prevent this by putting people’s names on them). So it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in place to catch outliers who may still find a way to get intoxicated. Provide Transportation or Cool-Down Rooms Another option is to provide alternative transportation options for people who have over-consumed alcohol. For instance, you can provide guests with vouchers for Uber or taxi rides home. If your company owns a fleet of cars, you can hire drivers to shuttle people home during and after the event. Just make sure it’s okay with the venue that employees who drove to the event can leave their cars at the location overnight. Alternatively, if your event is being held at a hotel, you can rent a few rooms for people to crash and sleep off the alcohol. You can notify people before the event so employees can sign up for them in advance if they plan on drinking at the party or going to nearby bars after the event. If paying for the rooms is not in the budget, negotiate a corporate rate with the hotel that’s affordable to your employees. For more ideas on preventing drunk driving at your corporate event or assistance with putting together a company event, contact a party planning company such as Deborah’s Party...

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The Business Of Comics — 4 Tips For Selling Your Work At A Convention

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If you’re a fantasy or science fiction artist, it can be tough to find a way to make enough sales to get your fledgling business off the ground. Comic and pop culture conventions are a great way to not only make some money but also to build a core audience. But in order to be successful at conventions, you need to know how to sell your work correctly. Here are 4 tips for even the newest artist on the convention circuit. Know the Conventions. Not all comic conventions are created equal. While they all have some things in common, each convention has a different “feel” to it — and often a different focus. Some are very artist-friendly and have a lot of independent writers and publishers. Others are more focused on costuming or on big studio involvement. To make better sales, learn what conventions are friendlier to your type of books or art and focus your money and energy on these — even if they’re not the most convenient.  Engage the Audience. As convention attendees make the rounds through the dealers’ rooms or exhibition halls, they expect more interaction than they used to. To draw them in, get out from behind your booth, chat with passersby and have a few prepared anecdotes about your work. Listen to customers’ own stories and show them you’re a fellow fan. Make friendly eye contact and smile. Offer some token piece of your art — a postcard, magnet or key chain, for example — as an ice breaker. Take advantage of slow traffic or people taking photos by striking up a short conversation — each time with an eye to building a rapport with at least one potential new customer.  Think About Your Booth.  No one expects an immaculate artist’s booth — in fact, it might seem like you don’t do the work yourself — but that doesn’t mean you should be presenting a mess either. Your booth or table is the potential customer’s first impression, so make it a good one. Have art pieces arranged to easily catch people’s eyes — below eye level, at eye level and even above it. Clearly price the items for sale so that customers can avoid awkward money conversations. And avoid stacks of art, instead placing it in easily-browsed displays. Bring a Variety. Comic conventions draw people from every point in the financial and commitment spectrum. For this reason, you should have artwork and books available at many different price points to appeal to more folks. Your centerpiece might be a self-published graphic novel or some gorgeous piece of original artwork, but try to complement that with lower-priced items like small prints, hand-drawn cartoons or fun buttons. Even if you don’t make a fortune on every sale, each one is an opportunity to create a fan. By knowing how to market yourself and your work at a pop culture convention, you can turn your passion and hobby into a money-making enterprise — no matter how small your beginnings might be. Contact a business, such as Meet Chicago Northwest, for more information....

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High School Graduation: 3 Gifts For Your Children That Can Last A Lifetime

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Watching your child graduate high school is one of the biggest steps into adulthood. As you witness and watch the journey, you can help celebrate with a variety of gifts that hold special meaning for the child. By planning out a special gift, your child will have something to look back on and cherish for years to come. The following three gifts are not only great for high school graduations, but they can last for the whole lifetime.  Tattoos As teenagers get older, it’s often common for them to seek out a variety of body alterations and personalization. Give them a gift that will be a permanent part of their body. A tattoo gift certificate is a great way to mark a transition into adulthood and gives your child a number of different options for choosing tattoo designs. To help make the gift more special, you can even include a matching tattoo on yourself to help represent your family. For example, you may get something like your last name or family crest. It’s a great way to bond with your child and create memories together.   Childhood Video Montage Looking back on home movies is a great way to relive childhood and see where you came from. Instead of going through hours of footage, you can hire video editing services to compile it all into a memorable video that features highlights from a variety of events. Video footage can be used from random recordings, birthday parties, holidays, and sporting events. By having the footage edited in chronological order, you can easily showcase how your child has grown through the years. Along with splicing clips together, video editors (such as those from Watrous Video Productions) can add smooth transitions, music, and titles to make the final product look more professional. For example, titles with the various years of each clip can be added so your child knows exactly when it was recorded. The final video can be delivered digitally or on a disc that can be preserved forever. Bucket List Experience Gifts Help your child knock something off their bucket list before they even reach college. An experience gift is a great way to add family memories and make the graduation experience feel even more special. For example, you can choose from adventures like skydiving or bungee jumping. You can also select a vacation location that your child wants to visit more than anywhere else. Try to get an idea of experiences your child would like to do so you can surprise them during a graduation celebration. When your child looks back in the future, you can feel proud knowing how much they cherish these gifts and will the memories for a whole...

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Using NLP Training In The Workplace To Communicate Better

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Neural-linguistics programming (NLP) is a way to understand how people experience their world. When you understand how people view the world differently, you can communicate with them more effectively. Whether you’re a manager or staff, NLP will help you work with your peers more effectively.   Perception is Based on Sensory Preferences Each person uses all of their senses to experience their world, but each has one or more preferred senses. The preference is manifested in how the person expresses themselves and communicates with other people. There are three primary senses used in this way: Seeing – A visual person is focused on what they see. Hearing – An auditory person prefers what they can hear. Feelings – The kinesthetic person bases their decisions on feelings. These preferences are obvious when you watch and listen to a person for awhile. The visual person loves going to movies and may have their own collection of DVDs. They may have their office walls lined with favorite photos. When you listen to them speak, their visual preference comes through: When describing a vacation, they may say, “I love the way the blue ocean looks as it rolls up on the beach.” When speaking in a business meeting, they may say, “This looks like a good plan and I see no reason not to proceed with it.” The auditory person loves concerts and may own thousands of songs. They prefer to have long conversations and silence may irritate them. They often have their headphones on listening to music, radio or podcasts. When describing their vacation, they’ll say “The sound of the ocean waves and wind through the palm trees energizes me.” In a work meeting, they may say, “This sounds like the right plan and the timeline really struck a chord with me.” The kinesthetic person is not only concerned with the physical touch, but the feelings associated with an experience. They may surround themselves with textures. They prefer motivational posters in their office that make them feel a certain way. For this person, the other senses are used to illicit feelings inside. When describing their vacation, they may say “The warm sand on my feet as I walk on the beach puts me in a blissful state.” When in a meeting, they may say “This feels like the right direction, but I have a hunch that there will be challenges ahead.” Using NLP in Your Workplace When you understand a person’s preferences, you’ll know more about how the person communicates and how you can effectively engage with them. Once you have an idea of a person’s preferences, mirror their language back to them. You’ll find that they respond to you as if you are speaking their language, which you now are: To a visual co-worker, you might ask, “How does this plan look to you? Do you see any problems with the initial startup activities?” To the auditory person, ask “Does this plan ring true to you or do you sense another way this could be played?” To the kinesthetic person, “What does your gut tell you about this plan and how do you feel about the budget?” Getting a Foundation in NLP When looking for the best NLP training, you’ll want a class or workshop that gives you the most hands-on...

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How To Host Your Daughter’s Country Wedding With A Cowboy Theme

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Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday when your daughter was a little girl playing dress up in grown-up clothes and high heels? Now that she’s getting married, you are surely thinking of ways that her wedding and her wedding reception will be something that will live in her memory forever. If you will be hosting the event in the country and she has selected a cowboy theme for her wedding, here are some ideas that will make the celebration unique and lovely. The Bride’s Clothing – Of course, your daughter can wear a traditional wedding dress for her cowboy wedding. However, adding some cowboy touches will just add to the mood. You’ve probably already thought of her wearing white cowboy boots, but you may be trying to decide on what she will do for her head attire. Of course, a white cowboy hat would be adorable. However, if she wants something lighter, consider a wreath made of baby’s breath and faux field flowers. Another idea would be to have little yellow roses and yellow ribbons entwined in her hair, signifying The Yellow Rose Of Texas, since cowboys and Texas are often connected to each other. Including baby’s breath and yellow roses in her bridal bouquet is another idea. Clothing For The Wedding Party – A great idea for the bridesmaids, the groom and the groomsmen would be to incorporate denim, leather and lace as part of the wedding clothes. For example, the guys could wear leather or denim vests with their black tuxedos and black cowboy boots. The gals could wear dresses made of denim with lace petticoats and they could wear brown cowboy boots. Smaller versions of the bride’s bouquet would be perfect for the bridesmaids, and boutonnieres with one of the flowers of the bouquets for the guys. The Decorations – Even cowboy boots can be made into something elegant. For example, a cowboy boot filled with the same type of flowers that are used in the bouquets and then tied with lace would be a good idea. The boots don’t even need to be brand new, as it’s the effect that will stand out. Framed pictures of the bride and groom as part of the centerpiece would be a nice touch. Again, denim and lace for the table covers would keep with the theme you have selected. The Entertainment – Of course, just fellowshipping with background music would be nice. However, if you’re wanting to have live entertainment, consider hiring performers to do square dancing or clogging. Another idea is to have a group of singers perform songs like God Bless Texas, Texas Angel, The Yellow Rose Of Texas and country songs like Kiss Me In The Dark, Little Red Rodeo, This Kiss and I Swear.  Do the bride and groom have good voices? If they’re comfortable performing at their reception, that would bring the house down. The Food – Well, barbecue, of course! Consider having the meal catered by a company that specializes in barbecue meals. Different types of meat, beans, potato salad, cole slaw, dill pickles, jalapeno peppers and corn would be perfect sides. Besides the wedding cake, think about having a groom’s cake made of chocolate for dessert. If you do go with barbecue, think about offering the bride a lacy white bib so she won’t get her wedding clothes stained. As your guests leave...

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For Romance Writers Only: How To Plan A Lovely Book Signing Party To Celebrate Your Success Story

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Any author will agree that writing a book is hard work. You spend hours choosing the perfect title. You research diligently and rewrite chapters many times before you’re finally satisfied with the outcome. You cry with your characters when love is lost, and you rejoice with your characters over newfound love. Your characters and your book become a part of you. By the time your book makes it to the publishing stage, you have invested a lot of time and effort in the process of writing it. You feel proud of what you’ve accomplished, and you can’t wait to share your success with others. Planning a book signing party is a fun way to celebrate your book launch with your friends, family, and fans. Banish boredom Have you ever attended a book signing event that was boring? Unfortunately, many book signings consist of a line of people waiting to have their books signed and a few moments of conversation with the author. It’s not a lot of fun for the people standing in line waiting for their turn. Banish boredom and make your book signing memorable by throwing a party to celebrate your success.   Choose a location The local bookstore isn’t the best place to throw a party. Instead, choose to have your party at your home or at a friend or family members home. If you don’t have the adequate space, consider renting a community center or other event center for your party. Planning the food Whether you decide to serve an entire meal or just have appetizers and drinks is totally up to you. A fun way to enjoy food is to plan foods that go with the book. For instance, if your book takes place in Italy, you can serve an Italian feast. If your book takes place in a particular historic era, you could serve foods that were popular during that time. Choose a few quality wines to serve, but provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for non-drinkers to enjoy. You could also choose a tea-party theme and serve several teas with finger foods and light desserts. Flowers, candles, and music Romance will be in the air when you choose your party decorations carefully. Contact your local florist and order several floral arrangements to use as table centerpieces. Nothing says romance like flowers. Don’t forget to order a nice floral arrangement to place on the table where you will be signing copies of your book. Print out several excerpts from your book, especially those with romantic words being spoken between characters. Print them on cards and place in front of the flowers. This will get your guests intrigued and excited to read your book. Don’t forget to add some candlelight. Flickering candles bring ambiance and romance to any room. Everyone loves a good love song. Soft music playing in the background will evoke thoughts of romance in the minds of guests. You worked hard to get your book finished and published. Now it’s time to celebrate your success. Book signing parties should never be boring. With a little planning you can throw a book signing event that’s romantic and fun for you and your guests. For more information, contact Aladdin’s Florist & Wedding Chapel or a similar...

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3 Themes To Consider For Your Upcoming Christian Retreat For Single Women

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If you’re looking to foster a stronger relationship with yourself as well as God, you may want to consider hosting and planning a Christian retreat for single women. These retreats will offer an environment that these women need to develop and deepen friendships, which includes their relationship with God. As a camp coordinator, it can be difficult to come up with possible themes when hosting a retreat like this, so here are a few ideas: 1. Don’t Dress to Impress. This particular theme focuses on the fact that women should not dress themselves in a way that makes them look good to others and impresses other individuals. Instead, it focuses on the fact that a woman should dress the way she feels and in a way that showcases her inside beauty. Proverbs 31:30 says that “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall praised.” Use this scripture for this retreat and have workshops built around increasing self-esteem, taking care of one self and how to be stylish yet modest when dressing. Don’t forget to have a keynote speaker to talk about how God believes every single woman on Earth is beautiful. 2. It Will Always Be Dark First. More than likely, single women have had their fair share of breakups, disappointments, etc. This retreat theme focuses on taking that mourning and displeasure and turning it into something much more enjoyable, such as dancing. The scripture to use for this theme would be Psalm 30:11, which says “You turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness.” You should include workshops that will help women who are struggling emotionally, such as recent divorcees, and they should teach that prayer is a crucial therapeutic tool. The end goal of this retreat is for women to realize that it is always darkest before the sun rises. 3. Keep Track of Life with Scrapbooking. Instead of having a retreat that focuses primarily on a Bible scripture, you could focus your retreat on scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is one of the best ways to have fun while keeping track of memories and life as a whole with words and pictures. It can be very relaxing for many women. Encourage participants to bring their own materials; however, make sure there are plenty materials available at the retreat for those who can’t or do not wish to bring their own. You can incorporate various lessons about friendship, love and self-worth throughout the duration of the retreat. When it comes to planning your own Christian retreat for single women, there are endless possibilities. Just remember that the retreat is usually very much needed by these women because they need some level of encouragement. The retreat will serve as a place for them to let go of their negative emotions, make new friends, learn valuable life tips and build their relationship with...

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Selecting The Right Invitations and Location For A Memorable Military Reunion

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Are you in charge of orchestrating a military reunion? You may be having mixed emotions about this responsibility. On one hand, you are probably looking forward to seeing friends from your past. However, you may also be feeling overwhelmed at the job ahead of you. Here are some ideas that may help you to with the initial preparations. Put Out The Word – Part of the challenge of sending out invitations is simply finding people. Consider offering an incentive to those who will help you locate the names and addresses of men and women with whom you served. Perhaps a free drink or even a free meal at the event will prompt people to help you in your search. One of the things you might face is that men and women from your military days will probably be scattered all over the United States and maybe even in foreign countries. Sending out invitations early will ensure that people will get the word on time to make their plans. Consider sending out invitations and other information a year ahead of time so that people can clear their calendars. Here are some ways to consider to make your invitations appealing. Have the front of the invitation include a group picture of all of you taken during the days you served together. Another thought is to have a cartoon depicting a bunch of service men and women with words like, “We Haven’t Changed A Bit – Come And See For Yourself!” Besides the time, place and date of your event, remember to ask for RSVPs so you’ll know how many people to plan for. It would also be good to enclose an agenda and recommendations on what clothes will be needed at different events.  ​The Location – As you plan where to have the reunion, consider selecting hotels that are near points of interest of the city in which you will be meeting. Think about using basing your reunion at a hotel that has hosted military reunions before.   It’s a good idea to offer more than one choice of hotel so that guests can select one in their price range. Also, some people might be bringing a pet, so they will need a pet-friendly hotel. Selecting a site that has several hotels in close proximity is important. That way transportation won’t be a big challenge. Think about selecting one main hotel where you can have your opening check-in event and a banquet hall for a final event. Usually hotels that have banquet halls also have good restaurants that you can use for catering meals.  A smart idea is to have the names and contact information for at least two hotel workers, including a concierge, with whom you can communicate to address questions and concerns. By choosing a military reunion hotel, those who work at the front desk and the concierge will have the experience to answer your questions and to help you in your plans. Of course you’ll want to offer trips to points-of-interest and you’ll want to coordinate meals. However, remember that those who attend will also probably love some down time for doing things on their own, visiting or simply getting some rest between...

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