3 Tips To Help You Cope When Planning Your Same Sex Wedding

Before wedding planning, my spouse and I made a promise to each other: “no stress.” Sound impossible? I’m going to tell you how we did it so you can do it too!

3 Tips To Help You Cope When Planning Your Same Sex Wedding

3 Tips To Help You Cope When Planning Your Same Sex Wedding

30 December 2014
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Since 35 US states have made same sex marriage legal, many gay weddings are being planned nationwide. As any married couple will tell you, planning a wedding is a stressful and emotion-laden activity under the best of circumstances. To keep your cool, follow the 3 tips below when planning your same sex nuptials:

1) Meticulously work out the most important moment of the ceremony.

You are a unique couple whose lives are based on what you think is important. You each have a role you play in the relationship which only the two of you can define.

When it comes to the exchange of vows in front of your loved ones, you both must decide how you will present yourselves. Will one or both of you walk down the aisle? Will either of you be "given away" by a parent or mentor?

Will you exchange rings, light a unity candle or say your own very unique vows?

The two of you should have very specific, clear plans on this part of the ceremony, and you should both agree on what they will be. Your wedding planner will have a far easier time blocking out the program when he or she knows exactly what the two of you expect.

2) Delegate responsibilities fairly.

Even though you have an event planner, you will still have to select clothes, flowers, decor, rings and invitations. There is the guest list to create, refreshments to choose and a cake to design. And that only scratches the surface of your wedding planning duties.

If one or both of you are stretched for time, you should delegate responsibilities so that neither partner is overloaded with tasks to complete.

Of course, both parties should be involved in making decisions about what to wear and what to serve, but once you've both agreed on the various choices you must make, only one of you needs to communicate your decisions to the wedding planner.

In some cases, one member of a couple will be more enthusiastic about the events plans. As long as that partner is okay with making the majority of phone calls and inquiries, it's certainly acceptable to let them do most of the work.

3) Know your venues.

Most wedding planners will know which venues are friendly to same sex weddings. However, it's wise to call around and make certain that your chosen wedding spot will welcome your ceremony.

Some cities are actively encouraging gay marriages, and some only wish they were.

If you have a destination wedding in a foreign country in mind for your ceremony, do some research to find the venues that are inclusive and that will joyfully accommodate your special day.

 If you choose the right wedding planner and follow the tips above, your same sex marriage is sure to be an amazing event celebrating your love for each other. Here's hoping your wedding is a delightful occasion for your loved ones and a wonderful memory for the two of you forever.

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