2 Ways To Save Money When Hiring A Trade Show Model

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2 Ways To Save Money When Hiring A Trade Show Model

2 Ways To Save Money When Hiring A Trade Show Model

14 October 2015
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If you plan to have a booth or exhibit at a trade show in the future, hiring the right model to represent your interests is crucial. However, the right models are often expensive and making a living from trade shows often means pinching pennies. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider the different ways that you can save money without sacrificing the personality, appearance or professionalism of the person or persons that you choose.

Hire Local Models

If you are following the trade show around from one location to the next, it may seem as if hiring models to travel with you makes sense. After all, models that travel with you will need less on-going training and they will gain more product information after they have done a few trade shows. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for the employer in this situation to handle most or all of the travel costs.

Even if you choose to drive instead of fly, stay in bargain priced hotels and avoid dining out whenever possible; the extra costs for you and your hired models will add up quickly. Since many trade shows occur during the weekend or over Friday and the weekend, you are likely to find that hiring someone for a short-term position is a better idea. Try hiring local models when you get to your destination. You can take a few hours on the day before the event to train your new staff and, in no time, you can see your profit margin increasing.

Call Ahead to Local Colleges And Universities

Since you are already hiring locally, finding the candidates is the next important step. College students have often been among the first people hired for temporary events, like catering for conventions and ticket sales for special events. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget that trade shows can also benefit from their assistance. Some schools have job finding services available to their students and that would be a god place to start.

In addition, it will be helpful to contact the specific departments within the school that covers topics that pertain to the service or product the models will be representing. For instance, if you have a new type of computer software, the computer science department will probably have many students that are familiar with the subject. The same is true of the business and marketing departments, as well as many others.

In conclusion, choosing the right person to share information, attract visitors and otherwise represent you at trade shows is a major decision that can impact your business for years. Fortunately, it is not necessary to spend enormous sums of money to employ those individuals.

For more information, talk with agencies or visit websites like tradeshowcasting.com.

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