High School Graduation: 3 Gifts For Your Children That Can Last A Lifetime

Before wedding planning, my spouse and I made a promise to each other: “no stress.” Sound impossible? I’m going to tell you how we did it so you can do it too!

High School Graduation: 3 Gifts For Your Children That Can Last A Lifetime

High School Graduation: 3 Gifts For Your Children That Can Last A Lifetime

13 May 2016
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Watching your child graduate high school is one of the biggest steps into adulthood. As you witness and watch the journey, you can help celebrate with a variety of gifts that hold special meaning for the child. By planning out a special gift, your child will have something to look back on and cherish for years to come. The following three gifts are not only great for high school graduations, but they can last for the whole lifetime. 


As teenagers get older, it's often common for them to seek out a variety of body alterations and personalization. Give them a gift that will be a permanent part of their body. A tattoo gift certificate is a great way to mark a transition into adulthood and gives your child a number of different options for choosing tattoo designs. To help make the gift more special, you can even include a matching tattoo on yourself to help represent your family. For example, you may get something like your last name or family crest. It's a great way to bond with your child and create memories together.  

Childhood Video Montage

Looking back on home movies is a great way to relive childhood and see where you came from. Instead of going through hours of footage, you can hire video editing services to compile it all into a memorable video that features highlights from a variety of events. Video footage can be used from random recordings, birthday parties, holidays, and sporting events. By having the footage edited in chronological order, you can easily showcase how your child has grown through the years.

Along with splicing clips together, video editors (such as those from Watrous Video Productions) can add smooth transitions, music, and titles to make the final product look more professional. For example, titles with the various years of each clip can be added so your child knows exactly when it was recorded. The final video can be delivered digitally or on a disc that can be preserved forever.

Bucket List Experience Gifts

Help your child knock something off their bucket list before they even reach college. An experience gift is a great way to add family memories and make the graduation experience feel even more special. For example, you can choose from adventures like skydiving or bungee jumping. You can also select a vacation location that your child wants to visit more than anywhere else. Try to get an idea of experiences your child would like to do so you can surprise them during a graduation celebration.

When your child looks back in the future, you can feel proud knowing how much they cherish these gifts and will the memories for a whole lifetime.

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