Want To Reserve An Outdoor Wedding Venue For A Summertime Wedding? 3 Tips For Staying Cool

Before wedding planning, my spouse and I made a promise to each other: “no stress.” Sound impossible? I’m going to tell you how we did it so you can do it too!

Want To Reserve An Outdoor Wedding Venue For A Summertime Wedding? 3 Tips For Staying Cool

Want To Reserve An Outdoor Wedding Venue For A Summertime Wedding? 3 Tips For Staying Cool

27 July 2017
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Going for an indoor wedding is reliable because you do not have to worry about the weather. But, you may love the outdoors and are determined to have an outdoor wedding. This means you will want to start looking around for wedding venues that fit into this category. While you may find several venues that you love, you must think about other details to make sure you and your guests will be cool in the summer.

Prioritize Natural Shade

The location where you say your vows does not have to be in direct sunlight for it to be beautiful. Some outdoor venues are in the middle of the forest and provide lots of natural shade. It is up to you to determine how much shade you want where you will be standing for most of the ceremony. But, you should make it a priority to find a venue with shade for your guests to enjoy while they sit down. This is especially important if you intend on having a fairly long ceremony because you do not want all your guests sitting in the direct sun for an hour or longer if it is possible to avoid this situation.

Ask About Misters

In the heat of the summer, it is hard to cool down without using an air conditioning system. But, there is one solution that is rather effective and that is misters. It is helpful to find out if a venue has misters installed for when the heat becomes too much and the guests need something to cool down. Another option is to find a venue that has misters they can install or would be willing to allow them. It is possible to find companies that rent out these systems and set them up for outdoor events in warm weather.

Overhead Coverage

Another way that you can stay comfortable while getting married outside is to have overhead coverage. A gazebo is a perfect example of a structure that allows you to get married in the shade. Even if the weather is not ideal, you can get under the gazebo and go through the ceremony without a problem. This is a smart choice if you are getting married in a climate that often has summertime rain.

Although it can require you to get a little creative with your search efforts, you should be able to find an outdoor wedding venue in which you can keep your guests cool by focusing on the qualities above.

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