Happy Haunting In A Halloween-Themed Escape Room

Before wedding planning, my spouse and I made a promise to each other: “no stress.” Sound impossible? I’m going to tell you how we did it so you can do it too!

Happy Haunting In A Halloween-Themed Escape Room

Happy Haunting In A Halloween-Themed Escape Room

19 September 2017
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Escape rooms offer a fun way for friends to enjoy an evening together, and a Halloween-theme adds a spooky twist to this idea. Here are a few ideas to use to create a Halloween escape room event:

Haunted Invitations

Get everyone excited about the escape room event by sending out haunted invitations. No, they don't have to actually be haunted by spirits, but they can feature funny or scary Halloween themes. You can create them yourself with an online photo-editing program, or you can work with a local printer to create custom invitations. You can send out the invitations in envelopes on their own, or you can create Halloween gift boxes to send to each person you are inviting. Fill the boxes with everyone's first clue, the invitation, some seasonal candy, and a few themed party favors, such as fake spiders or miniature plastic Jack-o-lanterns.

Scary Movie Clues

Use clues from scary movies to help those locked in the escape room to solve the puzzles. You can use famous quotes from classic horror movies to incorporate into the clues, or you can work the names of characters into the clues. For added fun, you can even print out pictures of the main characters in the movies to go with each clue card.

Spooky Decorations

Escape rooms can already seem a little dark and mysterious, but you can create the Halloween vibe by adding a few extra decorations. Visit your local Halloween costume shop for inspiration, and consider purchasing decorations that light up or make sounds. If the room is large enough and has proper ventilation, you can even add a bit of smoke from a smoke machine. Simple fake cobwebs and party lights are great options if you don't want to scare everyone too much, while actors dressed in costumes hiding in the corners of the room can really create a big scare factor.

Halloween Costumes

What is a Halloween-themed event without costumes? Ask everyone to dress up in costume for the event, and consider giving an extra clue out as a reward for the person with the best costume. You can request everyone dress in a particular theme to add to the event, such as dressing up as prisoners, ghosts, or zombies. Have fun with the costume ideas, and be sure to have any people helping with the event dress up too.

With everything in place, all of your guests can have a "spook-tacular" time planning their great escape in your Halloween-themed escape room. Contact a company like Go Dream for more information and assistance. 

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