Wedding Venue Tips: Choosing The Right One

Before wedding planning, my spouse and I made a promise to each other: “no stress.” Sound impossible? I’m going to tell you how we did it so you can do it too!

Wedding Venue Tips: Choosing The Right One

Wedding Venue Tips: Choosing The Right One

2 April 2018
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There are many important decisions that must be made by the bride and groom leading up their wedding day; one of these is the location of the wedding. The venue will depend a lot on the wedding theme and budget, so it is important to decide on these two things first. The location may be in a vineyard, on a beach, or even in a barn. Regardless of where the wedding is held, it will set the tone of the entire wedding. Aside from theme and budget, here are some more tips for selecting your wedding venue:

Tip #1: Get as Much Information as You Can for Each Venue

As you begin to look at different venues, it is important that you ask each venue a variety of questions. This is particularly true when it comes to costs and the equipment that they provide. You need to know how much it will cost to rent the venue and what it is included in that fee. Some venues will include tables, chairs, etc. in their fee, while other venues require an additional fee for those items. You will also want to find out if it is required to use on-site catering or if you can hire your own catering service. These types of questions are important to have answered, because they can help you make your final decision if you are having a difficult time choosing between two venues.

Tip #2: Establish Timelines for Everything

Timing is crucial for your wedding day. You need to determine when your vendors (caterers, florists, etc.) can begin to arrive and set up, how long your wedding ceremony and reception are going to last, when everyone needs to leave the venue, etc. Don't forget to consider limiting conditions, such as lack of a kitchen or lack of an elevator, when establishing timelines.

Tip #3: Always Have a Back-up Plan

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? If so, talk to the venue about a course of action in the event of inclement weather on your wedding day. Is there an indoor space that is reserved for instances like this? If so, is there an additional fee or is it included? If there isn't, you may want to consider renting a tent ahead of time, just in case Mother Nature decides to show up on your big day.

Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun and exciting, but it can become overwhelming and stressful. As long as you start early and get some help from your family, friends, and even a wedding planner (if your budget allows), you will find that wedding planning isn't as taxing as some say. You can contact venues like The Manoa Grand Ballroom for more information.

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