Plan a Fortune Telling Event for You & Your Friends to Enjoy

Before wedding planning, my spouse and I made a promise to each other: “no stress.” Sound impossible? I’m going to tell you how we did it so you can do it too!

Plan a Fortune Telling Event for You & Your Friends to Enjoy

Plan a Fortune Telling Event for You & Your Friends to Enjoy

11 May 2018
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Fortune telling is a popular practice that involves predicting someone's future with the aid of tarot cards, a crystal ball, or a similar prop. If you have recently delved into the fortune telling scene and find the activity fascinating, holding a party that includes acting as a clairvoyant and providing demonstrations for your friends may be right up your alley. 

Create a Private Area to Read Fortunes

Rent a tent to use as the enclosure for your fortune telling event. A rental tent will provide plenty of shade so that you and your invitees will remain cool and comfortable while underneath the enclosure. Create a fortune telling booth by adding a small table, a couple chairs, and your fortune telling props to one section underneath the tent.

Place portable wall panels around the area chosen so that each person who you provide a fortune to will have a private area that is free from distractions. If you are lacking any furnishings that are needed to create a fortune telling booth, they can be acquired from the same company that supplies you with the tent. For more ideas, contact party tent suppliers such as Best  Price Tents.

Add a Themed Eating Area

After enlightening each of your guests with a fortune telling session, welcome them to sit down and enjoy a special meal that you have prepared or purchased through a restaurant. A themed eating area that includes dinette sets that are decorated with fortune cookie or gazing ball centerpieces will be sure to impress your guests.

Add a mystique to the dining area by installing dim lighting near each table. Soft music can be piped in by installing a stereo system and placing speakers next to the perimeter of the dining area. 

Provide Information During an Informal Speech

Some or all of your guests may be intrigued about fortune telling and the event that you prepared for them. If so, it would be helpful to provide some information about fortune telling and the manner in which you initially got involved in the activity. During an informal speech, emphasize to your guests that the ability to predict that future is purely speculative and solely for entertainment purposes.

Add some additional information about fortune telling experiences you have had in the past and share books that you have read about the subject or any fortune telling events or activities that you plan to participate in. Your speech may encourage some of your invitees to dabble in fortune telling themselves and hold their own party in honor of this interesting activity. 

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